Life Lesson from my Father's murder

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

10 years ago today, my dad was brutally murdered by 4 people with as only witness a 5 year old boy who will forever be traumatized as he was recalling what occurred that night. He was beaten to death while screaming and asking for mercy by 4 people he knew. 4 people he helped. 4 people he fed. 4 people he assisted financially and morally. 4 people who chose the money they were given to take his life over the care he had provided them for years.

In the wake of the commemoration of his 10th year in heaven, I decided to share this with you because I am sure that this will be able to help at least one person here today. Folks, we have all been in situations in which we were surrounded by bad people or a bad person that we should have gotten rid of a long time ago. People we took as family and treated even better than our own blood. Though the universe/ God sends us many signs to remove these people from our lives; we get comfortable in misery and try to find a logic and excuses for actions that are inexcusable especially when the facts and proof of our incompatibility are right there. We often let people get away with attempting to murder our hearts, our soul, our dignity by allowing them back in.

We get hurt over and over again and put a Band-Aid on something that requires an open surgery or chemo to remove the “cancer” completely before it spreads with no way out....and so.... we delay our healing. My dad was murdered for caring, loving and giving to the wrong people though the signs were there. How many more years are you going to allow people to murder your soul, to hurt you and push you to a point that you can no longer function (wither it’s a “friend” you should have cut off way back when…. An “ex-girlfriend or boyfriend” who keeps on coming back especially when you are finally doing good, a toxic workplace etc.…). See it’s okay to forgive but there is a line between forgiveness and foolishness. We continuously try to find excuses for actions that are inexcusable; a illogical ''logic'' to a rhetoric that makes us stick to the things that make us sick; ''It's okay, they will eventually change... I will change the person''....

Don’t take justice in your own hands, don’t wish them bad, for the greatest justice comes from God. And don't you dare worry about what they might say about you to others or even validate their opinion by wasting more time valuing what they think of you. Remember that in the end, we live in a ''free'' world and people have the right to have an opinion on you (wither you like it or not).... BUT the great news is that you also have the right or should I say the obligation for your own sake, not to entertain or value their opinion; for their opinion is not your truth; their opinion will never ever stop your calling in life or the Universe-God's plans in your life. Not even the person who gave you birth can stop God's plans for your life. Don't even worry about informing them that you are letting go...not all goodbyes need an explanation. In a lot of cases, they are self explanatory; and if folks want to ignore the trauma that they have caused and pretend that they were all of a sudden hit by amnesia....let them do that far away from your peace. Protect your peace at all times! Build something; an unshakable legacy with the bricks that are thrown at you by those who forget that Karma is as real as their lack of common sense and decency.

Time is a very precious gift that we do not get back. Understand also that most times, God delays your blessings because of the people you know very well he warned you about. I am sure that it you had moments in your life when you got rid of someone or left an burden you once considered an opportunity (job etc), only to discover a rainbow of possibilities in a much more peaceful and positive space (both mental and physical space).

See, I forgave my dad’s murderers then, I forgive them today just like I forgave those who have hurt me, attempted to crush my soul and I am hoping that anyone I have hurt can forgive me as well. Folks, take care of yourself. Just like the alchemist, you have wandered looking for answers for way too long ..…it’s time now to realize that everything and everyone you ever needed have always been there, right next to you, this whole time. Understand, in the end that people/their words will never ever determine your ability to succeed unless you allow them to weigh you down. Don’t let people murder your soul. Take care of yourselves. When you close the door, close it truly, in self-love, elevation and faith. Trust me, the next chapter will be even more glorious and blessed. With love,

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