LEADHER, The Documentary

I am honored to share with you that our Equal Chance's documentary LEADHER, sharing the lives of phenomenal women who defy the conventional to occupy the positions and spaces that they deserve around the world has officially taken off. My filming crew and I are currently producing and shooting this incredible film with some of the world's most accomplished, determined, inspired trailblazers. We are still welcoming partners and sponsors. This is one of the most exciting project that I've worked on thus far because it showcases a diversity of powerful women in various domains across the globe whom stories of resilience, perseverance and success will truly move and motivate people. From Pilots to Politicians, Diplomats to Top Models, Judges to Architects, Athletes to Women and Environmental rights activists, many people in Canada and abroad will be able to connect to these empowering stories. These women are from various ethnic and professional backgrounds. I would like to sincerely thank Captain Julie Philizot and Air Canada for blocking off a whole morning to allow us to shoot. I cannot wait to share the documentary film with you all in September 2020. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this wonderful project.


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