An Afternoon with young Kings & Queens

Last September, I had the privilege to meet with the Children of SOS MUANA orphanage in Gabon. The Orphanage was founded by a Priest who still runs its logistics at 70 years old. I was able listen to the stories of children and teenage boys and girls but also to answer questions around social justice issues as well as concerns that they had in regards to our society and what's next for all of us.

I was touched when a 15 years old girl shared with me that although her biggest dream is to become an International lawyer one day, she has shallow hope as she sees no future for her in a world where education is so expensive. A young man expressed his despair when it comes to his future as well.

I offered them a Youth Dialogue with folks that they admire (from around the world) whom stories are stories of true resilience and perseverance. The idea is to have some of the people that they look up to and who have overcome incredible challenges, sit with them for an afternoon of empowerment but also, to work on creating a fund for Orphans in the country which will allow them to have access to bursaries and programs to help them pursue their dreams.

Nothing comes easy but when we work together and we share what we have with others, we not only give them hope and the opportunity to get a second chance, we also empower ourselves.

There comes a time in life where we are confronted with some of the hardest situations and we have to make very difficult decisions. But we must always remember that for as long as there is life, there is hope and that it is only together that we can go further in life.

I was able to share with them my own painful story of the murder of my father which left my family not only broken but also broke. Nonetheless, I had no choice but to persevere to honor his memory but also to reassure my mother that her prayers were not in vain.

For as long as we are alive, there is hope. For as long as we constantly remind ourselves that there are no issues, no problems that do not come without a solution, we can conquer any thing.

I look forward to continuing to work with these children and although I know that my contribution may be just a drop in the ocean, it is still a drop that adds to the resilient water that makes the powerful waves of the ocean.

If you are interested to join me in this beautiful project with SOS Muana, please do not hesitate to contact my team at

" Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much " - Helen Keller

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